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5 Ways to Increase Your Brand Visibility

You can have the best offering in the world, but if it’s not seen by the right people, you’re not going to get the results you want. Getting your business in front of your target audience should always be your number one priority when it comes to building your brand.

Five Ways to Increase your Brand Visibility.

Whether you’ve been in the game for a decade, or a few weeks, obtaining visibility in a crowded market can feel impossible. I’m here to tell you – you can do it! I’ve done it myself and I know it will work for you, too.

The best part? You can start implementing these right now.

1. Engage on Social Media

Key word: engage. Simply posting isn’t enough and Instagram is not about the likes anymore. Real and authentic engagement takes work. Comment authentically, listen carefully to what your audience is saying and don’t expect comments and likes if you aren’t doing the same. Your customers want to follow people who educate, inspire them and talk to them. Post relevant content, spend time being intentional and seek out potential clients on Instagram, slide into people’s DMs, and don’t forget to reciprocate the engagement you’re getting. By building a strong, engaged community on Instagram, your visibility will naturally grow along with it.

Not sure where to start? Have a look at my digital marketing strategies for small businesses or get inspired with these Pinterest articles!

2. Cultivate Strategic Partnerships 

Partnering with other brands allows you to share your audiences and grow together. From small collaborations to large-scale partnerships, these opportunities can give you exposure to a new market, elevate your brand image and expand your reach. When you are considering a partnership, ensure that it is a partner that aligns with your brand, values and audience. If they are “off-brand” at all it is not worth it, no matter how many followers they have. 

3. Master SEO

SEO, search engine optimisation, can seem technical and confusing to some people, but with some practice (and patience) implementing SEO into your business strategy will create huge improvements for your business. What do you want to be known for? When you search for that, are you the first link that comes up? If the answer is no, you have work to do. Increasing your search position and relevancy can drastically boost your brand’s visibility. To increase your SEO, embed keywords throughout your website and social media accounts including titles, captions, image titles, text and blog posts. 

4. Pitch Yourself to Media 

Media mentions and features give you a significantly broader reach than you could achieve on your own. Creating a strategic PR plan is one of the (if not the) most effective and credible ways to gain visibility. Media features help increase brand awareness and affinity as well as giving you authority from a 3rd party. When deciding what outlets to pitch, consider what outlets your dream client follows or reads in addition to outlets that specialise in your industry. 

5. Write a Blog (like this one!)

“Did you read Lauren’s post on increasing brand visibility?” … “Who is Lauren?” … 

Boom. Brand Visibility. 

Providing valuable content through a blog not only gets people talking, but also establishes your authority in your space, demonstrates your expertise, and also boosts your SEO. If Google thinks your blog posts are valuable, your brand visibility will increase drastically. Make sure what your writing is backed with intention. Write valuable, searchable content that people are looking for. Promote it on Pinterest and your social media channels. Establish your blog as the go-to for information in your industry. You have a voice, your knowledge is valuable, just start writing!

What about Local Visibility?

While it’s true, social media platforms can increase brand awareness within your target ten-fold, there are other untapped avenues that you can use to your advantage for the visibility of your brand, such as your local market.

There’s this misconception that the only way to increase your brand awareness locally is to get advertisements (print, radio, television, billboards) for your business. That’s not a bad idea, but it could cost you A LOT. In reality, not all types of businesses benefit from such ads – especially if they don’t reach your target clientele.

So, what other campaigns can you do to build brand awareness for your business locally?

1. Partner up with a Local Charity or Business

Everybody loves good deeds, so what better way to increase exposure of your brand than to be in business with one that spreads goodwill and has strong values?

Plus, it doesn’t just get your business out there – it also shares a message that your brand supports causes in your local community. If you’re sponsoring a charity, you can ask the organizers to include your business name, brand, or logo in the signage or on t-shirts and mention your business on their website, social media, or printed materials.

Of course, your logo and branding should be visually appealing to your target clientele.

This should be established, BEFORE you start strategising a campaign for brand awareness.

Remember, the more people see your brand, the more likely they are to ask about it and be aware of what you offer.

With a partnership like this, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Best part? You hit two birds with one stone – build brand awareness and do good deeds for your community.

2. Host Small Exclusive Events that Provide Value to Your Target Market

If you have an “arts and crafts” business where you create and sell home decor or party favours, host an intimate event (keep the attendees to 5-10 people only) where you show moms and homemakers how to create DIY home decor using readily available items in their homes. Invite close friends who fit your ideal customer’s description and have them extend the invite to other people in their network.

If you have an organic food business, organise a “mastermind meet-up” for parents who show interest in having their families follow an organic lifestyle and teach them tips and tricks on how to gradually “go organic”.

By organising talks or events like these, you are able to show your target clientele that you are an “expert” in your field, and you want to provide value to them.

Visibility is Key. 

Whether you have a 3-figure business or a 7-figure business, it matters who sees you. Getting your story in front of the right people is the difference between success and failure.

Let me help you navigate – connect with me to discuss how we can increase your visibility quickly and authentically.

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