how to keep gadgets safe while travelling

5 Ways of Keeping Gadgets Safe While Travelling

Travelling may not be a key topic for Cocktails and Code, but gadgets certainly are – and if you’re anything like me, you get paranoid about keeping your gadgets safe while travelling!

Honesty, I worry about all my travel accessories. What if my suitcase gets lost? What if someone steals my handbag? What if… well, what if everything bad happened all at once? It would really suck. Yet, missing my favourite set of earrings is not as half as bad as losing my work computer.

Writing that gave me flashbacks to Kim Kardashian losing her earring in the sea and the quote, “People are dying, Kim”. But equate your life’s work to those earrings and I think some distress is allowed.

1. Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a form of cover to protect you while you are away on holiday or travelling abroad. It protects you in case your flight is cancelled, your hotel is unavailable, you fall sick or are injured while you are away, or your belongings, gadgets or money are lost or stolen.

In an effort to support any future claims, make sure to take pictures of your gadgets before your travel anywhere! It’ll always help to have the receipt laying around somewhere too.

You can look to compare travel insurance costs with compare the market.

2. Backup Your Data

In preparation for the worst case scenario, please always back-up your data! So, even when your physical device is gone, any important files are safe and sound at home. Sometimes we just have to accept it. No matter how much we think we’re keeping gadgets safe while travelling, we can never 100% secure them.

Remember: you can always replace your physical devices, but you cannot get back anything on them.

3. Lock Gadgets in the Hotel Safe

Most hotels will have a safe but how often do you actually use it?

It’s an extra safety measure that could protect your gadgets so it’s worth using. And did you know that a lot of insurance providers won’t cover you if something was stolen from your hotel room but wasn’t in the safe (if there was one provided).

4. Use a Bag with Straps

Whether you fancy an over-the-shoulder bag or rucksack, try and avoid keeping gadgets in any bag you would label “Easy to Steal”. Handbags can be a funny one as they do fall into the flimsy category. Here, you need to consider how aware you are of your surroundings and always keeping your bag with you. Here’s a tip I learnt from my mum: when sat down, wrap your bag straps over or around your knee. If someone does try to take your bag, you’re going to feel it.

If you’re looking for a handbag to fit your laptop in, check out my post on handbags that fit your laptop!

5. Stay Alert

Yes, you really need a reminder. Travelling is all about having fun and relaxing, usually, but don’t settle into your new surroundings so quickly! As much as everything is exciting, it is also unfamiliar. You need to make sure that doesn’t show. Tourists are easy targets for thieves and scammers, unlike locals, and it may be hard to blend in. Stay aware and alert.

How do you plan on keeping your gadgets safe while travelling? Drop a comment below!

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