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I'm Lauren Elizabeth, and I'm the founder of Cocktails and Code.

Let’s go right back to the beginning… I began my entrepreneurship journey back in 2018, with a booming Pinterest account with a 500k monthly audience, small blog and an e-commerce store on Etsy. I had no experience or plan and made £300 passive income over two years.

Here’s the thing, I work in the technology sector and specialise in cyber-security. I’m sure you can guess, selling kawaii stickers has never been my life plan, so I spent a long time trying to throw my technical expertise and budding entrepreneurship together to create this community.

Cocktails and Code is my little corner of the internet where I am sharing everything – from my mistakes as an undergraduate, to workplace fashion, to setting up your home lab! Yep, I really do mean everything. All in the name of helping my fellow women into this demanding industry.

Want to know more about me?

The Babe Behind the Blog

Hey there! I’m Lauren, an ambitious twenty-something-year-old from the UK. My hobbies include self-care, gaming and reading stories about girl bosses. To say I’m a Ravenclaw will probably give you a good idea about my personality.

I am originally from a town called Glossop, in the High Peak. Yet, I am lucky enough to be well-travelled – my favourite place being New York City. 

If you wish to enquire as to my services or drop some feedback, please get in touch!

Lauren Elizabeth x