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Back to School: Cute Stationery from Amazon

Back to school? Cute Stationery? But Lauren, I thought you’re all about entrepreneurs and digitalisation, how does it all tie together? Simple answer: it doesn’t.

Welcome back, Ladies, to my little corner of the internet. Today, I’m diving into my favourite stationery you can buy from Amazon. I know it’s something a little different from me – but there is a point to it, although it will be some blog posts into the future.

If you’re a big stationery fan like me, you can go right ahead and close this window. But even if you’re just a a little bit curious, do check out my top picks below!

From Pinterest?

If you’ve been directed here looking for an item you’ve seen on Pinterest, you may benefit from scrolling to the “Shop Stationery from Pinterest” section at the bottom of this page. 

My Favourite Cute School Supplies

Would you really believe I could make a post without an element of empowerment?

These female empowerment pencils are at the top of my must-haves! They’re in such a cute pink and have a range of simple, yet awesome, girl power messages. It’s small, discreet details like these mottos which I really love when it comes to stationery. You don’t need overwhelming and unnecessary pieces to have a cute stationery collection in your pencil case.

Honestly, I wish I had one of these pencil cases when I was in school! I love the minimal yet cute designs, but these pencil cases do not sacrifice practicality for pretty. There is two zipped compartments with the ability to accommodate up to 50 pens/pencils – um, wow. That means you can organise your stationery without having three different cases!

Some details to note are it’s large size (24.1 x 12.2 x 3.8 cm) and low price of £7.99!

A Promising Review: “Ahhh! These highlighters made me WANT to study just so I could see the pretty colours! All I can say is: BEWARE because your friends WILL try and nick them from you! Unlike typical fluorescent highlighters, these are not harsh on the eyes and can make all notes – no matter how scruffy – look presentable and that you put time and effort into them.” — Mint Green.

What can I say? Anything in pastel makes it pretty damn cute! Swapping your average plain folders for some coloured ones is such an easy switch, but it makes all the difference!

Note: these pastel folders are A5 size.

These little elephant desk organisers are crazy cute!

The body of elephant holder can hold pencils, pens, markers, rulers, scissors and other stationery supplies, and the nose of elephant also acts as a mobile phone/ tablet computer stand. In total, the organiser is made up of 5 parts. 

These feline pens will make your writing look great even if your penmanship is less than purrfect. You don’t just get the pens though, this stationery set has complimentary pens and sticky notes/ place holders to keep your notes coordinated. 

Even Buzzfeed did entire on article on these expanding folders! With the pretty pastel colours yet practical element of holding up-to 200 pieces of paper, these are a must-have for anyone wanting to get organised.

A Promising Review: “I’ve been using this folder for two or three months and I’m a college student with a lot of papers to carry. I was looking for something cute and easy to carry that would fit manila folders and overall keep my smaller folders from getting crinkly. This DID IT. I can’t express how much I love this — I ordered a second one that’s coming soon! I use manila folders for A LOT of things and even the divider on them fits below the strap that keeps this larger folder closed. Nothing gets crinkled or bent and it’s great. I can throw looseleaf papers, folders, or even books or small notebooks in here. It’s adorable and a great color as well. I highly recommend this folder (I got a lot of compliments on it too!).” — Alexa Viz.

Perhaps not ideal for your pencil case, but these panda pencil sharpeners are adorable desk decor. Imagine every time you need to sharpen your pencil you get to see this little guy! I think I’m having a cuteness overload.

Maybe you’re not so into pandas though… As adorable as they are, some people don’t. And guess what? That’s okay! These pencil sharpeners don’t just come as pandas, you can get a tiger too.

Whether you’re shopping for school, college or work, I think we can all agree that a planner is a stationery essential! The simplest of planners help you to track your appointments, but you can invest in increasingly complex designs for tracking your exercise, water intake, deadlines and goals.

These pastel (once again!) 365 day planners are somewhere in the middle. They offer plenty of room to write, with weekly and yearly goals, important dates and more! But they also come undated – great for starting a planner at any time of the year, but also a little painful for writing your dates in.

A set of Milky Cow pens comes with 12 multi-coloured gel pens, all the with distinct black and white cow pattern as described in the name! I think these are such a simple addition to a stationery collection and also bring back those discreet design changes to update a practical product.

Shop Stationery from Pinterest

If you’re not using Pinterest to get inspired, then you’re doing this all wrong! Pinterest is a visual search engine – so if you see something you like, then you can click through to find out more. No wonder it’s a great place to shop!

The thing with Pinterest is sometimes you can find something you really love, but the image doesn’t tell or link you to products. So, I decided to dedicate a section to shopping my favourite stationery flatlays from Pinterest.

I’ve broken down each image into the products I can find listed online. Let me know in the comments if I’ve helped you find some of your favourite stationery!

Kipling Pencil Case

Seen above:

  • A collection of pastel Mildliners from Zebra Pens. These are normally priced at £8.99 for a pack of 5, but you can also get a pack of 15 for £19.98.
  • These are held within a Kipling Pencil Case, which have several layers to hold up to 100 pens for £34.20!
organised stationery draw

Seen above:

  • The draw is organised by simple plastic tubs. You could find these at your local supermarket or there’s a set of 8 tubs for £3.99.
  • The top left tub contains pastel washi tapes. You can purchase 4 geometric rolls for £5.99, or 24 pastel patterned rolls for £8.99.
  • The bottom left tub contains a small collection of pastel Mildliners. These are normally priced at £8.99 for a pack of 5, but you can also get a pack of 15 for £19.98.
  • The bottom right tub contains Sharpies and Stabilo fineliners. A set of 18 Sharpies cost £10.00, whereas 30 fineliners cost £16.10

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