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    9 Tips for an Entrepreneur on a Budget

    http://why-every-girlboss-should-invest-in-herselfAn increasing number of people want to say goodbye to traditional work and venture into the world of entrepreneurship. But the problem is that this desire is not always accompanied by a factor: money to invest. So, where does an entrepreneur on a budget start? If you’re going through this, take it easy! You don’t have to give up your dreams or throw your ideas away.  It is possible to start an enterprise without a high investment, but this requires a good deal of determination, planning and creativity. Investment doesn’t always need money either, you can read more about investing in yourself and future here. 1. Build your Knowledge With…

  • branding for beginners

    The Basis of Branding for Beginners

    Branding is defined as managing the image of a brand. This management takes place through actions and strategies that include factors such as: purpose, visual identity, communication and design. These elements are able to shape the perception that consumers have about the brand and the feeling that it generates. Branding isn’t just about business either, hence the guide focuses on branding for beginners – so you can start building your brand as an individual too! Want to know how to develop your business branding? Check out my tips: 1. HAVE A PURPOSE It is common for entrepreneurs to focus a good part of their energy thinking about what they are…

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    What is Cloud Computing (in simple terms)?

    Google the question, “what is cloud computing?” and you’ll get a sea of articles talking about Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and so much more terminology you may have never heard of before. It’s crazy and intimidating! So, today we’re going to take it back to basics and really dissect just what cloud computing is. The Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Firstly, you need to understand cloud computing is storing and accessing data and programs over the internet – instead of your computer’s hard drive. Forget the term cloud, because this isn’t some magical being in the sky, you’re simply connecting to someone else’s computer. Now, connecting to…

  • body shop skin care routine

    The Body Shop Skin Care Routine

    Anyone who knows me, knows about my addition to skin care products! I have tons of lotions, body butters, face masks and creams. But what do the majority have in common? They’re from the Body Shop. Now, I have some go-to body shop skin care, but I also have plenty of random products I’ve received as gifts. The perk for you is get to try them all out and recommend my favourites! We’re going to focus on making our morning skincare regime quick and easy, since we all know taking care of your skin in the morning can be pretty tricky. Note: my skin type is dry. Make sure to…

  • Self-Improvement Podcasts

    7 Inspiring Self-Improvement Podcasts for Women

    If I can find a good book that teaches me anything from improving my mindset, to productivity, to being more organised, then it’s going on my reading list. But, as brilliant as reading is, who has time for it anymore? That’s why I turned to self-improvement podcasts. The best motivational podcasts, for me anyway, directly address issues surrounding self-improvement. From building your dream life, to self-help programs for mental illness, to financial freedom, everyone needs help somewhere. That’s why the best podcasts for me may be different from yours. Yet, there’s no harm in a little education… There are some really inspirational podcasts for women to help you develop as…

  • how to set realistic goals like a goaldigger

    How to Set Realistic Goals for #GoalDiggers

    In my eyes, every dream is goal and every goal is achievable, but how do you set realistic goals now to reach those ultimate dreams in the future? With another year catching up on us, you may be thinking about setting new years resolutions in hopes of taking the first steps in achieving your goals. Good for you! However, we don’t have to wait until the new year to chase after our dreams.  Why Set Goals? Ask any of the most successful people in the world if they believe in setting goals and you will discover why goal setting is vital for success. Setting goals provides you with both long-term…

  • how to keep gadgets safe while travelling

    5 Ways of Keeping Gadgets Safe While Travelling

    Travelling may not be a key topic for Cocktails and Code, but gadgets certainly are – and if you’re anything like me, you get paranoid about keeping your gadgets safe while travelling! Honesty, I worry about all my travel accessories. What if my suitcase gets lost? What if someone steals my handbag? What if… well, what if everything bad happened all at once? It would really suck. Yet, missing my favourite set of earrings is not as half as bad as losing my work computer. Writing that gave me flashbacks to Kim Kardashian losing her earring in the sea and the quote, “People are dying, Kim”. But equate your life’s…

  • Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

    Digital Marketing Strategies for your Small Business

    The digital presence of your business is one of the first things potential customers will notice. From fashion through to technology, if your online business etiquette and branding doesn’t represent your goals, values and services, you are losing customers. That’s why your business needs digital marketing strategies. Think of a strategy as your digital marketing business plan: outlining your business goals, target customers, budgeting and action plans. Successful digital marketing campaigns require detail and thorough market research, something a small business owner probably doesn’t have time for. So what can you do? Marketing Strategies for your Small Business A marketing strategy is an achievable and focused plan of action used…

  • AWS Compute

    What is Compute in AWS?

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) house a collection of cloud compute services. The idea behind compute in AWS is to provide users with complete control of their computing resources, to run on Amazon’s proven computing environment. Let’s take a high-level look at the compute services AWS has to offer! EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 is one of the most common compute services used within AWS, allowing you to deploy virtual servers within your AWS environment. The set up of an instance with elastic compute cloud has the following options: Amazon machine images (AMIs) Instant types Tenancy User data Storage options Firstly, Amazon machine images are essentially pre-configured EC2 instances. Meaning…

  • cell phone radiation

    How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

    There are many reasons to be scared about high exposure to cell phone radiation. Most people constantly carry their phones around with them in pockets or sleep next to them in bed. What people don’t realise is cell phones emit radiation, which has been suspected of causing various health risks such as brain cancer and infertility. Keyword being suspected. So, how worried should you be about cell phone radiation? Cell phones work by sending and receiving signals to and from cell phone towers. These signals are a form of electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency (RF) energy. Other sources of RF energy include cell phone towers, TV and radio transmitters, smart…