pink cotton candy clouds aesthetic iphone wallpaper

39 Minimal Cloud Aesthetic Wallpapers for your iPhone

To kick off making technology fashionable, the easiest place to start is with wallpapers! They make or break our user interface, after all. Today’s post has a collection of 39 minimal cloud aesthetic wallpapers for your iPhone. Don’t forget: any iPhone wallpapers are free to download and use!

How to Save your Wallpaper as your Background

On mobile : Hold down on picture and save image or screenshot it.

On Desktop : right-click to save, save to your downloads and airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.

Once your desired picture is saved to your photos, press the share button and scroll to select ‘Use as Wallpaper’. You can then select whether you’d like the photo for your lock screen or home screen.

DIY: How to Take Aesthetic Pictures

New phones are constantly being released with better specs and resolution, so sometimes the quality of your phone wallpaper won’t appear so great. Think back to your first smartphone, do you really think your old background would be the best aesthetic wallpaper for an iPhone XR? Exactly.

One way to keep your wallpapers up to date is to take them yourself – and here’s a little how to:

  1. Use Natural Lighting
  2. Don’t use high dynamic range (HDR)
  3. Apply the rule of thirds using the grid
  4. Edit your pictures – but not too much. Keep them natural and enhance the best features
  5. Add minor grain and details

Evidently, I’ve kept “The Guide for taking Aesthetic Pictures” brief as that’s probably not why you’re here. But, maybe you’ve learnt something new today – who knows? If you’d like to me to expand on the guide though and write a post, let me know in the comments!

39 Cloud Aesthetic Wallpapers for iPhone

Blue Cloud Wallpaper Backgrounds
blue cloud aesthetic iphone wallpaper
blue cloud iphone wallpaper
blue sky clouds aesthetic iphone wallpaper
midnight clouds aesthetic
sunflowers and blue sky clouds aesthetic iphone wallpaper
baby blue sky with clouds aesthetic
light grey cloud aesthetic iphone wallpaper
baby blue sky with clouds iphone wallpaper
palm trees and blue sky cloud aesthetic wallpaper
simple clouds iphone wallpaper
blue sky aesthetic
stretch of blue cloud iphone wallpaper
blue cloud iPhone wallpaper
Pink Cloud Wallpaper Backgrounds
pink cotton candy clouds aesthetic iphone wallpaper
pink cloud tumblr aesthetic iphone wallpaper
pink clouds love heart
birds on pink clouds aesthetic
pastel pink clouds aesthetic
pink dreamy cloud iphone wallpaper
rainbow pink cloud aesthetic wallpaper
blue sky and pink aesthetic
pink cloud aesthetic iphone wallpaper
hazy pink aesthetic iphone wallpaper
pink sunset aesthetic iphone wallpaper
pink and purple sky cloud aesthetic
Grey Cloud Wallpaper Backgrounds
grey clouds aesthetic from plane wallpaper
storm clouds aesthetic iphone wallpaper
black and white clouds iphone wallpaper background
grey clouds aesthetic iphone wallpaper
grey clouds sky aesthetic iphone wallpaper
grey clouds aesthetic
Pretty Sunset Wallpaper Backgrounds
muted sunset aesthetic wallpaper
golden hour cloud aesthetic
pretty sunset aesthetic iphone wallpaper
orange sunset cloud wallpaper
sunset cloud aesthetic iphone wallpaper
golden hour cloud aesthetic
sunset aesthetic wallpaper background

What’s your favourite cloud aesthetic? Drop a comment below.

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