MTA Security Fundamentals Guide Book

MTA Security Fundamentals (98-367) Study Guide

If you’re looking at a career in information security, then you’ve probably heard of the importance of certifications. The most recommended cyber security certification seems to be CompTIA’s Security+, however, a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification proves a proficiency in Windows security operations. Which is kinda a required skill when the majority of clients’ budget systems aren’t iMacs or running Linux. So, let’s dive right into an MTA in Security Fundamentals and how to study for the exam.

The MTA Security Fundamentals certification evaluates your understanding of security layers and software, as well as operating system and network security. This is only at a foundation level and by no means do you need to know how to hack into NASA.

What is the MTA Security Fundamentals Certification?

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certifications are Microsoft’s group of credentials that validate certain skillsets of candidates who want to begin an IT career that involves using Microsoft technologies. The MTA Security Fundamentals is one of those certifications. It demonstrates an individual’s proficiency in network and system security.

MTA exams and certifications are part of the larger Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program. The Security Fundamentals certification is an entry-level certification that doesn’t require previous work experience.

The exam content includes questions on:

    • Fundamentals of Security Layers
    • How to remove viruses and spyware
    • Windows Operating System Security
    • Network Security (firewalls, UTM, VPNs)
    • Security Software Solutions
    • Wireless security
    • Troubleshooting tools and tips

Studying for the Exam

Firstly, Microsoft Certified Professional exams are conducted by third parties, so ensure you’re familiar with their practices and policies in advance. If a practice test is available, take it to familiarise yourself with the examination software.

The exam measures your ability to respond to technical tasks, with emphasis on some areas more than others. For example, according to Microsoft, you should expect more questions on operating system security than security software. It should also be noted: The MTA Security Fundamentals exam is multiple choice.

There’s a few different documents you can use to study the security fundamentals material, but I recommend the Microsoft Official Academic Course Guide Book. You can access the PDF for free here.

Whatever you do: don’t just dive into the content! You can apply that to any exam actually. Firstly, build a study plan for your MTA. When can you study and for how long? What order will you study the content in? How exactly will you revise?

Personally, I find creating and completely practice exams prepares me the most. It’s as if I’m jumping ahead of the exam to give myself the worst possible questions ever! But then I learn them, and revise the questions I continue to get wrong.

Remember, this particular Microsoft security certification is designer for entry level positions, so hands-on experience isn’t essential nor is any experience! With enough studying, you’ll probably find this exam easy.

MTA Security Fundamentals Practice Exams

Given that the exam is multiple choice, I created a number of free Microsoft Security Fundamentals (98-367) certification sample questions and “papers” on Kahoot! – a free, online quiz service. Between all the quizzes, I have over 200 exam-like questions for you to master.

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