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Staying Productive on Self-Care Sunday for CEOs

For the majority of us, the word “Monday” inevitably brings feelings of dread and doom. One day I hope to be someone who looks forward to the rise and grind of Monday but right now, every week I schedule a Self-Care Sunday to prepare myself for the following week.

Now, Self-Care Sunday means a lot of different things to different people, but it ultimately is a day off the grind to reflect, refresh and refocus (that’s how I like to see it anyway!).

While I let Cocktails and Code run on automatic, I like put a face mask on and sit down with a notebook. That’s right, not the iPad or my phone, something physical to write on! I take time to think about my week and how I feel about different activities or events. Remember that reflection factor?

Point is: some of us can’t totally turn off our brains. So what can we do?

CEO Activities for Self-Care Sunday

Some things I like to focus on include:

Catch up on unfinished work

If I have had a crazy week, I will typically dedicate Sunday to be my catch-up day. There is nothing worse then going into a new week with the tasks of the past week. It’s time to let go of the “I’ll do it Monday” attitude because let’s be honest: does it ever really get done on Monday?

Clean Your Room/Home

You know what they say- tidy space, tidy mind! Starting the new week with a clean and tidy space means that you will be more productive and more comfortable in your surroundings. With many of us working from home at the moment, it is important that our spaces are suitable to work in. Don’t like cleaning? Put a timer on for 10 minutes to start with and you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in that time!

Make A Master To-Do List

I like to ‘brain dump’ everything I want to get done onto a new to-do list every Sunday. Anything that I haven’t got done the week before goes onto it and anything new that needs to get done during the next week goes on too. Making a list like this can help get everything out of your brain and clears your mind, ready for a new week.

Long Term Goals

I may be analytical but I also love to dream! My Sundays are a time for me to brainstorm big ideas, research and learn. This is a time for me to be uninterrupted and think about what I want my life and business to look like down the road. It is also a time for me to check-in with myself about my workload and my wellness. This does wonders for preventing burnout.

Back-burner Projects

There are not enough hours in the day to do it all, but these days allow me to work on the projects I haven’t had time for. Whether it’s tweaking the website, working on content or learning more about new technologies. They aren’t always the glamorous projects, but they are so important to the continued growth of me and the blog.

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How do you like to spend your Self-Care Sundays?

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