• paperless professional: digital study

    Paperless Professional: Using an iPad Pro to Study

    Traditional ways of studying are so 2000s. Who has time to make paper flash cards and spend hours thumbing through textbooks anymore? New apps and technology make it easy to access your notes across platforms at any place, any time. Taking Notes: Traditionally vs Digitally Nothing beats the feeling of pen and paper. This is perhaps the biggest strength of paper over the iPad (bar the cost). There’s a wide variety of notebooks, pencils, pens, and markers – each with their own experience to really personalise the feeling of writing itself. An iPad also gives you plenty of customisation with digital notebooks and planners, but is limited in stylus options.…

  • cloud computing

    What is Cloud Computing (in simple terms)?

    Google the question, “what is cloud computing?” and you’ll get a sea of articles talking about Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and so much more terminology you may have never heard of before. It’s crazy and intimidating! So, today we’re going to take it back to basics and really dissect just what cloud computing is. The Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Firstly, you need to understand cloud computing is storing and accessing data and programs over the internet – instead of your computer’s hard drive. Forget the term cloud, because this isn’t some magical being in the sky, you’re simply connecting to someone else’s computer. Now, connecting to…

  • AWS Compute

    What is Compute in AWS?

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) house a collection of cloud compute services. The idea behind compute in AWS is to provide users with complete control of their computing resources, to run on Amazon’s proven computing environment. Let’s take a high-level look at the compute services AWS has to offer! EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 is one of the most common compute services used within AWS, allowing you to deploy virtual servers within your AWS environment. The set up of an instance with elastic compute cloud has the following options: Amazon machine images (AMIs) Instant types Tenancy User data Storage options Firstly, Amazon machine images are essentially pre-configured EC2 instances. Meaning…

  • Active Directory vs Domain Controllers

    Active Directory vs Domain Controllers

    Ever considered the difference between an active directory and domain controllers? Generally, the terms are used to refer to the same thing, but the active directory is not the same as a domain controller. The active directory is a set of services provided by domain controllers, where the term domain controller refers to the umbrella software. Explore more about Windows active directory vs domain controllers in this post! What is an Active Directory? Microsoft Active Directory is a directory service, much like a phone book, that stores information on users, network resources, files and other network objects. Its purpose is to provide an organised, hierarchical structure to make finding and…

  • cyber security principles

    10 Core Principles of Cyber Security

    Understanding the basic layers of information security is key to building your security knowledge. This post outlines 10 principles of cyber security and addresses the CIA security triad, the principle of least privilege and attack surfaces.  Understanding the CIA Triad Firstly, you should understand the purpose of security on a network. The CIA Triad represents the core goals of an information security program: Confidentiality Integrity Availability Confidentiality deals with keeping information, networks, and systems secure from unauthorised access. Several technologies that support confidentiality in enterprise security include strong encryption, authentication and access controls. Integrity, on the other hand, is defined as the consistency, accuracy, and validity of data or information…

  • Tech

    10 Rules for Protecting your Computer from Malware

    The digital world has revolutionized our lives. We now live in an age that would have been considered science fiction not so long ago, and every day we hold more technology in our smartphones than what took astronauts to the moon. Clearly, the internet, smartphones, tablets, and computers provide us with an incredible amount of information. Yet, as our reliance on computers has grown, so have the dangers that accompany them. To help mitigate the risk malware can present, I have put together this list of tips on how to prevent malware infections. Firstly, What is Malware? Malware is short for malicious software, which is a program designed to infiltrate…

  • Tech

    IDS vs IPS: Why You Should Really Have Both

    Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) analyse network traffic for signatures that match known cyberattacks. Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) also analyses packets, but can also stop the packet from being delivered based on what kind of attacks it detects — helping to stop an attack. These are used by network administrators in protecting the attack surface of a business. The significant difference between IDS and IPS equates to the difference in protection and detection. IPS uses the diagnostics of IDS, but builds on the technology to intervene when potential threats are identified. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) IDS works to identify potential attacks and notify the user. The identification process is the process…

  • Tech

    DevOps: What Exactly is Infrastructure as Code?

    Infrastructure as Code, or programmable infrastructure, builds off automation techniques to reduce the amount of resources spent to replicate environments. In basic terms, allowing the “copy and paste” of environments to avoid plan, procure and provision methods for every instance of a set-up. The infrastructure managed includes physical equipment as well as virtual machines, containers, and software-defined networks. (Klein & Reynolds, 2018; Elder & Williams, 2019). One principle of IaC is idempotence, a property ensuring a deployment command always sets the target environment into the same configuration, regardless of the environment’s starting state. This is achieved by automatically configuring an existing target or by discarding the existing target and recreating…

  • Tech

    Creating Memorable & Secure Passwords

    From Netflix to banking, passwords are the primary security measure to securing your accounts – and our employers too. It is no wonder why we have password policy shoved down our throats! The balance between having a memorable and secure password still hasn’t been perfected by most of us, and good practice needs us to have a unique password for every site or service to protect our online accounts. How Does a Password get Hacked? The main reason for securing passwords should be to avoid password hacking, but have you ever considered how people hack your passwords? Brute-force and dictionary attacks repeatedly attempt to login to your account as many…