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The Best Career Blogs for Millennials

If you’re a woman working on growing her career, then you’ve probably already found out one person can’t tell you everything you need to know. That’s why I think reading other career blogs is a great place to start! You get to hear other peoples stories and learn from their experiences. It’s like what Warren Buffett said, “You should learn from mistakes, but the mistakes don’t always have to be yours.”

Evidently, these blogs are beneficial to any millennial, even if some are directed at women. An awesome career is not limited to any gender, race or nationality. However, there aren’t any dedicated sites with career blogs for college students listed here. These are career savvy blogs for the wannabe over-achievers.

My Favourite Career Blogs

Firstly, the best career blog I’ve come across is Career Contessa. Exclusively for women, it provides expert advice on all things career without limiting content to 2000-word posts! They have so many freebies, webinars and e-guides for career growth – no wonder it’s my top recommended career advice blog.

A close runner up though is Classy Career Girl. Despite the main topic being career advice, the blog is a lifestyle blog, covering different topics such as job search, entrepreneurship, health and balance, leadership, fashion, productivity, social media and money. I’ve definitely taken inspiration with my blog.

Notable Mentions

Coburg Banks – One thing I love about Coburg Banks is Mark’s passion. He really emphasises the importance of a simple, well-written and structured CV rather than attempting a job stunt you saw online.

Girlboss – The unofficial career site for millennial women. The site, which was started by Sophia Amoruso, has blog tabs for work, money, wellness, beauty, identity and more. It offers advice on growing your business’s social media following, sticking to your budget, balancing a side hustle and more.

Leaders in Heels – This blog was started by Kasia Gospos to inspire women to embrace all of their qualities and find their personal leadership skills. The site now offers articles on dealing with difficult colleagues, leading with confidence, overcoming perfectionism and more. And they sell Leaders in Heels stationary, yearly planners and more. 

Memorandom – Mary Orton’s blog Memorandum provides advice on how to strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern work, from workplace fashion to time management.

Women 2.0 – Founded in 2006, Women 2.0 is a company focused on gender, diversity and inclusion in the tech and startup spaces. They offer resources for founders and professionals to grow their careers.

An Index of Career Blogs

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