body shop skin care routine

The Body Shop Skin Care Routine

Anyone who knows me, knows about my addition to skin care products! I have tons of lotions, body butters, face masks and creams. But what do the majority have in common? They’re from the Body Shop. Now, I have some go-to body shop skin care, but I also have plenty of random products I’ve received as gifts. The perk for you is get to try them all out and recommend my favourites!

We’re going to focus on making our morning skincare regime quick and easy, since we all know taking care of your skin in the morning can be pretty tricky.

Note: my skin type is dry. Make sure to invest in the right products for your skin!

Body Shop Skin-Care

My Body Shop Skin Care Routine

If you can ignore my unsteady photography, the image above shows my favourite products from the body shop for skin care. My favourite body shop products are the Vitamin E moisturisers. I love that there’s two (for day and night!) and they smell so yummy!

  1. Exfoliate: Vitamin C Liquid Peel
  2. Cleanse: Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
  3. Moisturise: Vitamin E Moisture Cream
  4. Lips: Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Lip Care
vitamin c cream | body shop skin care

If you like The Body Shop, then I am sure you will have read/seen The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel. This is simply the Vitamin C version of the peel.

Like all products from The Body Shop, the Vitamin C Liquid Peel smells delicious! However, the real magic is how much dead skin this beauty rubs off my face. That’s only with a small squeeze of the peel – less than the amount of toothpaste I put on my brush.

The Body Shop may call this a butter, but the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is much more like a balm. A small pea-sized finger full massaged into my face removes all my make-up (even my waterproof mascaras and liners!). I have to admit I don’t use it every day but I try to use it as often as I wear makeup.

vitamin e moisturiser | body shop skin care

Last but not least (since we all know what a lip balm looks like), our my moisturisers. The day cream is pretty much empty so I photographed the night one – guess I need to get back to the body shop, aye?

What I love about these creams is how moist they remain despite being so thick. I really don’t need a lot to cover my face at all. Unlike some other moisturisers I’ve tried, these are not greasy or sticky. That’s exactly why these are my go-to moisturisers – and why I really want some big ones! 

Why I use The Body Shop

I may have focused on my skin care today, but I’ve used The Body Shop for a long time before I got into proper self-care. It was aways a treat, mind you, but I’ve adored the shea body collection ever since I first smelled it. Weird, I know. The thing with The Body Shop for me is that I find them reliable.

I’d like to point out, not all my products are from The Body Shop. Face masks, hair products and accessories, I primarily purchase from elsewhere. 

Creating your own Body Shop Skin Care Routine?

If you’re looking to invest in The Body Shop products for your skin care routine, you can get a discount code for £10 off  when you spend over £35 – pretty convenient when free shipping is £30!

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