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    A Guide to Setting & Accomplishing Personal Goals

    Sick of that regret you feel at the end of the year, knowing the year literally just FLEW by and you didn’t accomplish what you wished you did? Whether they were personal goals for work, projects or certifications… you simply didn’t do them. Trust me, it’s not just you. This is something that many people experience on a regular basis. People create New Year’s resolutions in hopes they can make a change that lasts for the next year. Yet within two months, most people have given up their resolutions entirely. So if you aren’t good with New Year’s resolutions, but you want so badly to start making progress towards your…

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    How to Efficiently Apply to Scholarships

    A university education doesn’t come cheap, and earning income through scholarships is one way to help cover the costs. This can be a time-consuming process and scholarship applicants often face stiff competition, hence I’ve put together my top tips for applying to scholarships and staying organised. Start Applications Early Schools have a specific amount of funding available and the earlier you apply, the more you will receive and the easier it will be to get a scholarship. That’s not the only reason to start early though: as the academic year moves closer, the more things you realise you need to do. You don’t want to be juggling funding around with exams,…

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    The Best Career Blogs for Millennials

    If you’re a woman working on growing her career, then you’ve probably already found out one person can’t tell you everything you need to know. That’s why I think reading other career blogs is a great place to start! You get to hear other peoples stories and learn from their experiences. It’s like what Warren Buffett said, “You should learn from mistakes, but the mistakes don’t always have to be yours.” Evidently, these blogs are beneficial to any millennial, even if some are directed at women. An awesome career is not limited to any gender, race or nationality. However, there aren’t any dedicated sites with career blogs for college students listed…

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    University Must-Haves for your Halls of Residence

    Your dorm room is your haven; your retreat; your go-to place after every party and lecture; your home-away-from-home, where you’ll spend most of your time during your university years. So, as much as you “only” need a bed, desk and bathroom, you might want to consider some university must-haves for the ride. And sorry, no, I don’t mean as many bottles of vodka as you can carry! The thing is, it’s likely your dorm room will only come with the bare necessities – a bed, a table, a wardrobe and a few shelves if you’re lucky. You’ve probably added some sheets, changed the curtains, put up a photo frame filled…

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    How to Dress Chic on a Budget

    If you’ve always been envious about the way some people manage to look stylish without even trying, I’ve got the advice on how to make chic style speedy and easy. Luckily for you, you don’t need to spend big bucks either! Here are my top hacks for how to dress chic on a budget! FYI, taking the time with your appearance and smartening up your look doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy new clothes, get an expensive hair cut, or invest in the best products. Knowing how to make simple clothes look fashionable is all about making a few simple changes and thinking carefully about how you…

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    Pinkification and Women in Tech

    pinkification  The act or process of being made pink or being saturated with pink. Pinkification was not a term I knew before today, but damn, I really wished I knew it when I was arguing female stereotypes in college. It’s the perfect descriptor for that force-fed image of young girls loving anything pink and fluffy! Luckily, pink has been reclaimed in recent years, but there’s still stigma. Don’t substitute “pinkification” for “pink” though, because it isn’t about the colour pink itself. It’s about the cultural pattern of offering children a super strong stereotypical version of gender. Women in technology have been hit hard by pinkification due to the lack of…

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    An A-to-Z list of Women in Tech Scholarships

    It’s no secret computer science is highly male dominated. That’s why companies and organisations are beginning to offer Women in Tech Scholarships to introduce more diversity in technology. These scholarships and bursaries open many doors typically closed women, especially with the rising costs of higher education. To help you get started, here’s my list of scholarships for women in technology. Adobe Research Women in Technology Scholarships As long as you work in a computer science field and don’t have a close family member working at Adobe Research, you can apply for the Adobe Research Women in Technology Scholarship. The scholarship includes a one-time payment of $10,000, a Creative Cloud subscription…

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    12 GirlBoss Books for Female Entrepreneurs

    In my opinion, any woman with aspirations may as well be an entrepreneur. We put the grind and hustle behind ourselves, to build our skills, grow our mindset and tackle our personal obstacles. That’s what it means to be a girlboss to me. So, when I say these books are ‘girlboss’ books, they’re stories and mantras from female entrepreneurs who have done just that. They’ve conquered themselves and built their dream life. That’s what I want us to do too. These books are not just for women in business, nor are they women empowerment affirmations on repeat, but inspirational books about women who are unapologetically ambitious. Aka my reading list.…

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    9 Women in Technology to get Inspired by

    We’ve still got a long way to go as women in technology. Statistics from the Women in Tech Survey discovrered 78% of women believe that there is a gender pay gap in the tech sector, and half of the women surveyed (52%) said that they have experienced gender bias or discrimination in the workplace. The fight for office equality has basically seeped itself into our job descriptions, like that isn’t daunting! But we must remember the women before us. Those who protested and fought for our careers. Today, I’m sharing my appreciation for the female pioneers of computer science – and where to start but the legendary Ada Lovelace? Ada…

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    20+ Chic Outfit Ideas for Work

    “Making Technology Fashionable” is one way I like to describe the blog. Firstly, it’s a reflection of my luxe aspirations, my love of style and business etiquette. Moreover, it’s a way to show off my personality and represent an unapologetically feminine woman in technology. This post is to share some of my favourite looks from women in business and everyday outfit ideas for work. In addition, it’s to note I claim no credit for the following photography as it’s all sourced from Pinterest, the pictures are property of their respective owners. Leave a comment with your favourite outfit !