• cloud computing

    What is Cloud Computing (in simple terms)?

    Google the question, “what is cloud computing?” and you’ll get a sea of articles talking about Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and so much more terminology you may have never heard of before. It’s crazy and intimidating! So, today we’re going to take it back to basics and really dissect just what cloud computing is. The Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Firstly, you need to understand cloud computing is storing and accessing data and programs over the internet – instead of your computer’s hard drive. Forget the term cloud, because this isn’t some magical being in the sky, you’re simply connecting to someone else’s computer. Now, connecting to…

  • how to keep gadgets safe while travelling

    5 Ways of Keeping Gadgets Safe While Travelling

    Travelling may not be a key topic for Cocktails and Code, but gadgets certainly are – and if you’re anything like me, you get paranoid about keeping your gadgets safe while travelling! Honesty, I worry about all my travel accessories. What if my suitcase gets lost? What if someone steals my handbag? What if… well, what if everything bad happened all at once? It would really suck. Yet, missing my favourite set of earrings is not as half as bad as losing my work computer. Writing that gave me flashbacks to Kim Kardashian losing her earring in the sea and the quote, “People are dying, Kim”. But equate your life’s…

  • AWS Compute

    What is Compute in AWS?

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) house a collection of cloud compute services. The idea behind compute in AWS is to provide users with complete control of their computing resources, to run on Amazon’s proven computing environment. Let’s take a high-level look at the compute services AWS has to offer! EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 is one of the most common compute services used within AWS, allowing you to deploy virtual servers within your AWS environment. The set up of an instance with elastic compute cloud has the following options: Amazon machine images (AMIs) Instant types Tenancy User data Storage options Firstly, Amazon machine images are essentially pre-configured EC2 instances. Meaning…

  • cell phone radiation

    How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

    There are many reasons to be scared about high exposure to cell phone radiation. Most people constantly carry their phones around with them in pockets or sleep next to them in bed. What people don’t realise is cell phones emit radiation, which has been suspected of causing various health risks such as brain cancer and infertility. Keyword being suspected. So, how worried should you be about cell phone radiation? Cell phones work by sending and receiving signals to and from cell phone towers. These signals are a form of electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency (RF) energy. Other sources of RF energy include cell phone towers, TV and radio transmitters, smart…

  • Rose gold pearls | Chic wallpapers for iPhone

    25+ Chic Wallpapers for iPhone

    Part of the making tech fashionable series is about jazzing up your tech to reflect your personality. Whatever your style and personal aesthetic, you should be able to show that off! This particular post is for my classy and elegant ladies, with a collection of chic wallpapers and backgrounds for your phone. How to Save your Wallpaper as your Background On mobile : Hold down on picture and save image or screenshot it. On Desktop : right-click to save, save to your downloads and airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone. Once your desired picture is saved to your photos, press the share button and…

  • Spying on your iPhone with Mobile Spyware

    How to Tell if Someone is Spying on your iPhone

    One of the main reasons I got into information security was a concern for privacy. Luckily, this is because of my worries in regard to the Internet of Things, Big Brother, blah blah blah… luckily because there’s so many women (and people) out there unaware their privacy is being breached everyday. And no, I don’t mean by the FBI agent in behind their webcam. I’m talking about people spying on their partners – and the kind of people like you who are questioning if your partner is spying on your iPhone. Now, recently, a popular technology blog released an article on “How to Spy on My Wife’s Phone” which sparked…

  • Tech

    How to Set NTFS Permissions

    NTFS (New Technology File System) is the standard file system for Microsoft Windows environments. The file system is also supported in other operating systems like Linux, but MacOS only offers read-only support. These NTFS permissions are the rules applied to files and folders to allow, or limit, user access. If you’re looking to work in information security, then you should know permission management is a critical security concept – and you should be using these permissions alongside share permissions. Don’t worry if you don’t know the difference as we’ll discuss it later! Setting NTFS Permissions To set permissions you use the Access Control List, which is accessed through a file/folders properties.…

  • Hiding Files with NTFS Alternate Data Streams

    Hiding Files with NTFS Alternate Data Streams

    Alternate Data Streams (ADS) are a feature of the NTFS file system. NTFS alternate data streams were originally designed to provide compatibility with the Hierarchal File System (HFS) of Mac Systems. Now, they mainly act as a form of text steganography to hide executables or proprietary content by threat agents. For example, they can provide attackers with a method of hiding hacker tools, keyloggers, and so on, on a breached system without being detected. Why do Alternate Data Streams exist? Considering the malicious use of alternate data streams, shouldn’t have we really got rid of them? Well, alternate data streams actually have their benefits too, such as: Windows Resource Manager leverages ADS to identify…

  • How to Bypass the Windows Boot Process

    How to Bypass the Windows Boot Process

    Before we get ahead of ourselves, this how-to guide is based on vulnerable virtual machines. The purpose of the guide is to show how easy it is to bypass the Windows boot process and OS security features to gain access to information stored on the drives. Disclaimer: This is an educational exercise which should only be attempted on virtual machines belonging to yourself. This is not intended to cause harm and you should allows follow the Computer Misuse Act. Is this Exercise for You? This guide is for penetration testing practices, designed for CTF participants and exploit researchers. It is assumed you already have a (potentially) vulnerable machine which may be…

  • pink cotton candy clouds aesthetic iphone wallpaper

    39 Minimal Cloud Aesthetic Wallpapers for your iPhone

    To kick off making technology fashionable, the easiest place to start is with wallpapers! They make or break our user interface, after all. Today’s post has a collection of 39 minimal cloud aesthetic wallpapers for your iPhone. Don’t forget: any iPhone wallpapers are free to download and use! How to Save your Wallpaper as your Background On mobile : Hold down on picture and save image or screenshot it. On Desktop : right-click to save, save to your downloads and airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone. Once your desired picture is saved to your photos, press the share button and scroll to select ‘Use…