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University Must-Haves for your Halls of Residence

Your dorm room is your haven; your retreat; your go-to place after every party and lecture; your home-away-from-home, where you’ll spend most of your time during your university years. So, as much as you “only” need a bed, desk and bathroom, you might want to consider some university must-haves for the ride. And sorry, no, I don’t mean as many bottles of vodka as you can carry!

The thing is, it’s likely your dorm room will only come with the bare necessities – a bed, a table, a wardrobe and a few shelves if you’re lucky. You’ve probably added some sheets, changed the curtains, put up a photo frame filled with people you love from home. All in accordance with your university preparation checklist, right? Things make your room feel a little more home-y, especially for international students who have travelled far.

But you know you can do a lot more with some minor room decorations, right? Well, here I’ve noted some down – here are my university must-haves for your halls of residence:

My University Must-Haves List

A Splash of Colour

Against my personal eye for minimalism, you can’t go wrong with a splash of colour! My examples are two very different extremes of a large tapestry or some multi-coloured LED lights. The latter certainly should be added to the “cool things for a student house” list.

Posters and Pictures

If you’re looking at how to decorate your uni room walls, you need to be careful. Universities and landlords alike don’t appreciate you drilling holes in their walls or pulling paint off with tape. However, you can safely use command strips to hang any wall art.

Fairy Lights

I will happily swear by fairy lights; mine have seen me through three uni dorm room changes and they make everything better. Mini lanterns, animals, stars or little bulbs – you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for from a decent hardware store. They’ll make those uni room walls glow!

Staple Cushions

A single stand-out cushion can make all the difference to a bed display or chair. It can be a simple pop of colour, or you can use complimentary colours throughout the room for a homely comfort. Personally, I love to match two faux fur cushions (as on the left) and layer a round cushion in the middle.

A Rug or Two

Firstly, a rug is essential if you have hard floors! Secondly, you have no idea what you’ll find in an old uni carpet… you should definitely add slippers, if not a rug, to your back to uni essentials list. Finally, you can’t wrong with a fluffy rug.

(Fake) Plants

A touch of green never killed anyone, so why not adopt a houseplant? If you’re not too good at remembering to water your babies, consider cacti, aloe vera and spider plants as they’re relatively easy to look after.

You can also spring a little life into your room with fake plants. If you’re not ready to become a plant-parent, they’ll look vibrant all year round, require zero care and can often look pretty realistic!

What university room ideas do you have & what’re your university must-haves? Drop a comment below.

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